การบริหารด้านไอที (Certified IT Management)

Digital Transformation (DT)

Get insights on the latest digital transformation trends and the implications on IT management.

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  Digital Transformation (DT) Digital transformation is inevitable and the need for it has been accelerated by COVID-19. The pandemic has wrought extensive economic damage, forcing businesses, organisations and government agencies to embark on a digital transformation fast-track in order to not become obsolete. Many new technology trends are emerging and driving digital transformation. Although some of these technologies are still in its infancy, now more than ever is the time to get a solid understanding of these trends, exploring their potential, benets and drawbacks. The 1-day Digital Transformation (DT) course will answer questions such as what these trends are, how these can be applied and what the possible implications are for your organization.
After completion of the course the participant will be able to:
  • Explain digital transformation and its impact on the future of your business and industry
  • Identify the current state of your organisation’s IT strategy and add valuable contribution to the digital transformation strategy of your department and the organisation
  • Discuss these technologies confidently with vendors and make well-informed decisions for your organisation on the strategy, which includes selection of technology/solutions to implement at the right time and for the right purpose in this fast paced digital landscape to ensure the business remains relevant, competitive and sustainable
The course will also provide valuable insight in various technologies which are critical to Digital Transformation for your organization. You will also be able to:
  • Gain solid understanding of Blockchain, Big Data and Articial Intelligence (AI)
  • Identify the different types of Blockchain, Big Data and AI; their applications, their benets and drawbacks
  • Understand Cloud Computing and the different models, criteria and considerations for selection and implementation, including nancials, legal, security and migration
  • Understand IoT and the different categories, their applications, the criteria for implementation including costs, security and privacy aspects.
This course is perfect for companies that want to work better with digital technologies and need a bit of direction to focus their energy.  Your organisation may be:
  • A business, organisation or government agency that feels like it has fallen behind in the use of technology and wants to set a (new) strategy.
  • An organisation that is looking to modernise internal processes and systems, to make them more efficient and/or future-proof.
  • A consumer-focused company who wants to use technology to better support customers’ experiences, build long lasting customer loyalty and revenue streams.
  • A digital agency, solution developer/provider, IT consultancy, who wants learn more about new technologies in order to be able to better support clients and win more business.
You may be:
  • Management and senior management who contribute to the organisation's strategy, and/or department's direction.
  • Someone who wants to learn new skills and ways of thinking about digital, to apply to your work environment and boost your career.
ระดับกลาง (Intermediate)

None.  Just a willingness to look critically at current situations, to be able to imagine what could be better, and to have the drive to make it happen. 


IT strategy

  • The old-fashioned way
  • The traditional way
  • The modern way

Digital Transformation

  • What is digital transformation
  • Digital transformation frameworks
  • Potential benefits
  • Where are we standing

Technology Trends

  • Technology trends
  • High-level strategy
  • Research and Development


  • What is blockchain
  • How it works
  • Example of application
  • When to consider blockchain
  • Types of blockchain
  • Benefits and drawbacks

Big Data

  • What is Big Data
  • What is Data Science and Data Analytics
  • Data Science lifecycle
  • Possible applications
  • Benefits and drawbacks

Artificial Intelligence

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • History of AI
  • AI Technologies
  • Benefits and drawbacks

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud computing guidelines
  • Characteristics of cloud computing
  • Service models
  • Deployment models
  • Strategy
  • Financial considerations
  • Legal and compliance
  • Security
  • Business Continuity
  • Migration strategy

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • What is the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Glossary
  • Standards / protocols / communication
  • Categories
  • Challenges
  • Ecosystem
  • Strategy
  • Cost considerations
  • Risk
  • Security

Digital Transformation (DT)

Get insights on the latest digital transformation trends and the implications on IT management.

7,500.00 THB
5,625.00 THB